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Mallet Millwork is a fabricator of custom loose store fixtures that is on par with other fabricators in the same field.

We specialize in the custom fixtures, but are also well versed in rollout packages and perimeter packages. All our fixtures are fabricated with only the highest regard for quality. All fixtures that leave our floor are inspected using our rigid standards for quality control. We feel that any product that represents this firm must be of the highest quality and grade.

Although our fixtures are fabricated of mostly wood, we are able to incorporate many other materials to satisfy the need and the vision of our client. In fabrication we combine wood with metals, fabrics, acrylics, glass and solid surface materials. We combine these elements using precision so that there is a clean flow from one material to the other. Our fixtures are all crafted with care using the latest in machinery and software applications as well as skilled craftsmanship.

Each fixture is fabricated with that same commitment, whether it is the first of the line or the last and they are delivered in the same manner as they are fabricated. But before any fixture goes into production, it is engineered for optimum use. Before we can proceed with fabrication, we must assure our selves that the fixture will last and be usable to our client for as long as they need it. Using CAD and product knowledge we integrate all materials on paper to know how they will appear in physical form.


From engineering to production to delivery and installation, our purpose is to ensure that all our clients receive only the highest level of service and satisfaction. We apply this to all our assignments, no matter what the size, schedule or complexity.

If given the opportunity, we guarantee that Mallet Millwork will meet all requirements for a successful completion of any project given to us.

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